Our Impacts

Food & Water

The Melwin Foundation program in West Africa prevents malnutrition in adults and children in the early stages of development before permanent damage is done. Through the program, MELWIN trains healthy mothers to become community mentors and teaches cooking classes to introduce nutritious ingredients into an otherwise low-nutrient diet.


With no access to ambulance service, and the winter roads nearly impassable, most mothers gave birth to their child under a deplorable health system. Melwin Foundation has been aiding and working to improve maternal, newborn, and child health in West Africa.


Whether it is a sudden emergency or an ongoing crisis, Melwin Foundation works to aid people in need around the world.

Our 2030 Goal: Melwin Foundation provides quality, gender-focused and localized humanitarian assistance to 10% of those affected in major crises, reaching at least 50 million people by 2030.

In 2020, Over 168 million people needed humanitarian assistance — a number that has continued to grow over the last decade.